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Inland Private Capital Corporation






As of December 31, 2020



Assets Under Management (AUM)


Weighted Average Annualized Rate of Return on Full-Cycle Programs*

Results by Asset Class

  Number of Programs Cumulative Sales Price Weighted Average ARR
Multifamily 16 $878,956,108 8.75%
Retail 46 $654,216,247 6.33%
Office 18 $456,700,165 3.98%
Student Housing 1 $81,721,250 10.62%
Industrial 7 $118,170,041 5.98%
Healthcare 2 $62,725,000 11.40%

Assets Under Management by Sector


Assets Under Management by State

  • $500,000,001+
  • $100,000,001 - $500 Million
  • $1 - $100 Million
  • No Assets

Track Record Since Inception (Through December 31, 2020)



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Properties Acquired



Completed Dispositions


More than

$2.3 Billion


in Full-Cycle Asset Dispositions


$6.3 Billion


in Equity Offered



Important Disclosures

The information contained in the Portfolio Overview reflects the performance of all 266 IPC programs offered to investors through December 31, 2020 by Inland Private Capital Corporation (IPC). Past performance is not indicative of future results. Investments in offerings sponsored by IPC involve certain risks including but not limited to tax risks, general real estate risks, risks relating to the financing on the applicable property (if any), risks relating to the ownership and management of the property, risks relating to private offerings and the lack of liquidity, and risks relating to the Delaware statutory trust structure. In addition, IPC can give no assurance that it will be able to pay or maintain distributions, or that distributions will increase over time.

IPC invests in a diversified portfolio of properties in terms of type of assets, locations of properties, and industries. Except as otherwise indicated herein, all data in the Portfolio Overview aggregates these properties for an overall snapshot of the portfolio.

* Explanation of Terms & Calculations

Full-Cycle Programs are those programs that no longer own any assets. However, in certain limited situations in which the subject property(ies) were in foreclosure, IPC has negotiated with the lenders and advanced funds to the investors to allow the investors to exchange their beneficial interest in the original program for a proportionate beneficial interest in a new program, in order to continue their Section 1031 exchanges and avoid potential capital gains and/or forgiveness of debt tax liabilities. Because such exchanges result in an investment continuation, the original programs are not considered full-cycle programs for these purposes.

Weighted Average Annualized Rate of Return (ARR) For each full-cycle program, the ARR is calculated as the sum of total cash flows distributed during the term of the investment program, plus any profit or loss on the initial offering price, divided by the investment period for that program. To determine the weighted average for all programs, the ARR for each program is multiplied by the capital invested in that program, divided by the total capital invested in all full-cycle programs since inception (2001). To determine the weighted average in each asset class, the ARR for each program within that asset class is multiplied by the capital invested in that program, divided by the total capital invested in all full-cycle programs within that asset class since inception (2001). For a full list of program dispositions, see “Prior Performance of IPC Affiliates” set forth in the applicable Private Placement Memorandum.

This website is neither an offer to sell nor a solicitation of an offer to buy any security which can be made only by a prospectus, or offering memorandum, which has been filed or registered with appropriate state and federal regulatory agencies, and sold only by broker dealers and registered investment advisors authorized to do so.

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