SEC Filings

Inland Residential Properties Trust, Inc.


Title Date Format
Insider Ownership 11.29.2018
10-Q 11.06.2018
Proxy 10.12.2018
8-K 10.10.2018
Proxy 10.09.2018
Proxy 09.26.2018
8-K 09.26.2018
10-Q 08.07.2018
10-Q 05.15.2018
10-K 04.20.2018
8-K 04.11.2018
Registration Statement 03.29.2018
10-K 03.21.2018
10-K 03.06.2018
8-K 02.05.2018
8-K 01.25.2018
8-K 01.12.2018
Registration Statement 01.11.2018
Supplement No. 15 12.06.2017
Supplement No. 14 12.01.2017
Supplement No. 13 11.08.2017
10-Q 11.07.2017
Supplement No. 12 11.06.2017
POS AM (Supplement No. 11) 10.13.2017
8-K 10.11.2017

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