Loans Have Performed Well Across Market Cycles

Prior performance shows that loan losses historically have only spiked in major financial crises and loans have done well through regular up and down economic cycles.1

Loans Have Performed Well Across Market Cycles

High Demand for CRE Credit – $2.1 Trillion of Mortgages Maturing Over the Next 5 Years

There is a growing need for debt capital in the $3.1 trillion U.S. CRE mortgage market as $2.1 trillion in mortgages mature by 2024.2

$2.1 Trillion

A Smaller CMBS Market is Creating Opportunity for Alternative Lenders

Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities, or CMBS, are securities collateralized (bundled and sold as bonds) by loans secured by CRE property. Although the CMBS market is functioning, it is significantly downsized following the financial crisis due to capital requirements, new regulations regarding issuer reps, and risk retention rules that came into effect in 2016.

U.S. CMBS Issuance (As of January 2020)3

There is no guarantee that market conditions will continue to be favorable or that we will benefit from such conditions.

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