Inland Real Estate Income Trust, Inc. (Inland Income Trust), a nonlisted REIT sponsored by Inland Real Estate Investment Corporation, was formed to acquire and manage a portfolio of commercial real estate investments located in the United States. Inland Income Trust has primarily focused on acquiring retail properties. Inland Income Trust has invested in joint ventures and may continue to invest in additional joint ventures or acquire other real estate assets such as office and medical office buildings, multi-family properties and industrial/distribution and warehouse facilities if its management believes the expected returns from those investments exceed that of retail properties. Inland Income Trust also may invest in real estate-related equity securities of both publicly traded and private real estate companies, as well as commercial mortgage-backed securities. Primary offering closed to new investments on October 16, 2015.

Investment Objectives

Inland Income Trust's investment objectives generally are to:

  • Preserve and protect its stockholders’ investments
  • Acquire quality commercial real estate assets that generate, over time, sufficient cash flow from operations to fund sustainable and predictable distributions to its stockholders
  • Realize capital appreciation through the potential sale of its assets or other liquidity events

There can be no guarantee that Inland Income Trust will achieve or maintain these objectives.

Important Risk Factors to Consider

An investment in Inland Income Trust’s shares involves significant risk, and this website contains forward-looking statements that are subject to risks and uncertainties. Please see the "Risk Factors” page on this website for additional information.

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